Have you bought the winning ticket?

Need to hold a raffle? We’ve got you covered.

Game Play

On the Players Screen random numbers will be shown against a grey ticket. When a ticket is drawn the ticket colour will change to match the colour of the ticket, and the drawn number will be shown.

Games Master

Sold Tickets

This is where you define the tickets that you want to put in your bucket.

Click the + button to add a new ticket set. A default ticket set will be added to the table with a lowest and highest numbers already set, along with the default colour. If you need to delete a ticket set highlight the row and click the – button.

Change the colour, lowest and highest values to match the tickets that you have sold. If you want you can add the code found on the tickets, if this is left blank a default code will be used.

You can add as many ticket sets are you need. You can have multiple ticket sets with the same colour if you wish, though overlapping numbers might cause confusion if it is drawn.

User Interface

There are two elements to the UI.

  • Drawn Tickets Table – When a ticket is drawn it is added to this table so there is a record of all the tickets that have been picked
  • Drawn Ticket – This area shows the last ticket to be drawn. It also presents the colour of the ticket and the code.

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