Horse Race

Horse Race
And they're off!

Take yourself to the races!

Game Play

There are two main screens that are shown to the players. These are:

  • The Runners Screen – Lists the horses that will participate in the race allowing the punters to decide which one to bet their shirt on.
  • The Race Screen – Where the race happens

Games Master


There are two options available with this game.

  • Race Length – The length of the race to be run.
  • Race Runners – The number of horses for the race.

User Interface

The interface consists of three elements:

  •  Runners – The horses that will be in the race. This updates when the number of horses is altered using the Race Runners drop down. You can edit the horse names by clicking on the name of a horse and entering a new name.
  • Progress – The progress section will update every second a race is running to show the positions of the horses.
  • Winners Enclosure –  shows the first three horses of a race.

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