Quiz Management

Quiz Management User Interface

The Quiz Management area is where you create your quizzes. Here you can create a quiz, define rounds, and then add questions to the round.

A quiz can have any number of rounds. These rounds can be rounds that are shown to the players when you are running a quiz, or you can mark a round to be a handout.

Handout rounds can be saved as PDF files allowing you to print them off, or send them to your players.

There are three types of questions, these are:

  • Standard Question. A simple question with an answer.
  • Multiple Choice. Three possible answers where only one is correct.
  • Trap! Question. Three possible answers, one is correct, while one is a trick answer.

With the three types of questions you also have the ability to add either an image, or a sound to the question.

You can have any number of questions in a round, mixing the different types.

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