v1.5.3 Release

New in 1.5.3 is the ability to run raffles that do not use cloakroom tickets.

You can provide as many raffle codes as you require, in whatever format works for you. So for example you might provide the names of the prizes for each ticket e.g. Box of Chocolates, or you can provide any alphanumeric string e.g. GM123456.

To makes things easier when you have a lot of tickets codes to enter you can now load them from a text file, instead of manually entering them.

Horse Race page updated

Seems I’ve been a bit slack lately with keeping the website up to date with the latest code changes. The main victim of this has been the Horse Race game. Horse Race has undergone some big changes this year to try and focus it away from being a bit of fun, too something that can be used for effectively for hosting a Race Night. I’ve swapped out the videos to better reflect the current state of the game, and updated the blurb as well.

Playing the game

To play Hangman first of you need a word. This can be either entered manually, or you can select from one of the provided words.

Once the game is in motion you will be presented with a keyboard on the admin window. When they player guesses a letter click the appropriate key on the keyboard. It goes red if the guess is wrong, and green if correct. They player will see the same on their screen.

Setting the word to be guessed

You have two options when it comes to setting the word to be guessed. You can either manually type a word into the text field, or you can have the game randomly pick a word.

Manually setting the word is useful if you want to have a word that fits into your club/sport/organisation/branding.

To have the game select a word for you, select the length of the word from the drop down. Every time the drop down updates a new is selected. You can also use the reset button to pick another word of the length indicated by the length dropdown.

Drawing the balls

There are two ways off drawing the balls. These are manually, and automatically.

When drawing the balls manually, you start the spinning of the cage, and drawing the ball. Then repeat until the game is over.

You can also set the game to draw the balls automatically. When you choose to allow the game to draw the balls, it will start and stop the cage, and draw the balls. You can choose from 3,5,7, and 10 second intervals

Bingo Calls

Popular in the United Kingdom, Bingo calls add a little extra fun to the game. Games Night provides two sets of calls; the traditional calls, and calls more suited for the modern society. Not a fan of the calls? Not a problem, there is an option to just show the number.