Eyes down for a full house

Host your own Bingo night with this game. All you need to do is provide the Bingo tickets and prizes, the game does the rest.

The Bingo game allows you to play 4 of the most popular variant of Bingo, using either 30, 75, 80 or 90 balls.

Player Experience

The players seen a cage containing all the balls that are in play. The cage is span to mix the balls, and when a ball is choose it is displayed prominently in the centre of the screen with the appropriate call.

The view that is shown to the players

Admin Experience

The Admin interface is where you configure and run the game. Here you can:

  • Choose the number of balls in the game
  • Select if you want to spin the cage and draw a ball manually, or let the software do it.
  • Choose if you want to present the traditional Bingo calls, or something more suited to the 21st century. If you don’t want to see the bingo calls you also have the option to just show the numbers as words.
The interface used to run a Bingo game

The Interface presents you with all the balls that are in play, they change from being grey to coloured as they are drawn. The current ball along with the appropriate call is displayed as it it drawn. A table shows all the balls that have been drawn in the correct order.

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