Horse Race page updated

Seems I’ve been a bit slack lately with keeping the website up to date with the latest code changes. The main victim of this has been the Horse Race game. Horse Race has undergone some big changes this year to try and focus it away from being a bit of fun, too something that can be used for effectively for hosting a Race Night. I’ve swapped out the videos to better reflect the current state of the game, and updated the blurb as well.

Naming the Horses

The Horse Race game comes with the all the horses named. If you want you can change the name of any (or all) of the running horses to personalise the race.

  • To change the name of the horse(s) first choose the number of horses that you want to run in the race.
  • Clicking the name of the horse below the icon will put it into edit mode
  • Type in the name that you want to call the horse, and then press enter/return.

That’s all there is to it.