v1.3.5 is now available in the app store

Well it looks like Apple has caught me out with this release. There is a freeze for new submissions to the app store between the 23 and the 27. So when I submitted v1.3.5 for review I expected it to join a long queue and not be available until next week, or even after the Xmas period. Turns out I was wrong.

So what’s in v1.3.5?

  • Redesigned admin interfaces
    • The buttons that controlled the game are now in a toolbar
    • Any game configuration options are now in a titlebar below the toolbar
    • Some of the game admin screen has been redesigned to use the extra space.
  • There is now a Game menu if you prefer to control the games using a menu
  • The Game menus have keyboard shortcuts to allow you to use the keyboard to control the games
  • If you have a MacBook with a touchbar you can now use this to control some aspects of the games
  • There is a new icon that better conforms to Big Sure
  • You can hide/show the players screen using an option on the Window menu
  • Other tweaks and improvements.

Work on v1.3.0 has started

This release focuses around the ability to have ‘On the Buzzer Rounds’ within a quiz. While buzzers are an experimental feature currently within the software, with this release it will become a documented feature.

The goal at the moment is to allow you to plug up to four PlayStation© Buzz! controllers to your computer, allowing up to 16 people to participate in the quiz.

I’ve just started on this work with the aim to release it probably sometime in December.

v1.2.0 release

Yesterday v1.2.0 was release. It includes the following:

  • The ability to import and export quizzes
  • More Lottery variants from around the world
  • the ability to save preset for Horse Racing and Wheel of Chance
  • General tweaks and improvements

What new features are up coming?

Version 1.2.0 is currently under development that brings the following new functionality:

  • Ability to Import and Export Quizzes.
  • More popular Lottery variants.
  • Create a preset in Horse Race with race length, number of horses, and the names of the horses for regular configurations

To see what else is upcoming visit the Issues board.

If you have any ideas that you would like to see included in Games Night put them forward using one of the means on the Contact page.

v1.1.0 released to App Store

A new version of Games Night is now available in the Mac App Store. This version contains the following:

  • Bug Fixes: There was a layout issue with the Add/Remove buttons under the Teams table on the Quiz Admin screen. This has been resolved
  • Improvements: The Question Detail view on the Quiz Management screen has been improved to present the information better
  • Quiz: There is now the ability to toggle an image that is part of a question to be full screen to make it more visible to the players.
  • Quiz: A new question style – Missing Words. See below

Missing Words

The Missing Words question style allow you to present a question to the players that has one (or more) missing words that they need to fill in.

When entering a question into the question field, wrap one (or more) words in square brackets. When the question is presented to the players the word(s) in brackets will be replaced by underscores.


Of Mice and [Men] When this entered into the question field then the following will be presented to the players Of Mice and ___.

When you are revealing the answer to the question then Of Mice and ___ will be replaced with Of Mice and MEN. A separate answer will not be shown.

The above is true for Standard questions, if you have used this style for Multiple Choice questions then the question text will not change, and the appropriate answer will be highlighted as usual.

Naming the Horses

The Horse Race game comes with the all the horses named. If you want you can change the name of any (or all) of the running horses to personalise the race.

  • To change the name of the horse(s) first choose the number of horses that you want to run in the race.
  • Clicking the name of the horse below the icon will put it into edit mode
  • Type in the name that you want to call the horse, and then press enter/return.

That’s all there is to it.

Version 1.0.0 submitted for review

So the big day has finally arrived. Games Night has been upload to App Store Connect, and has been submitted for review. Hopefully those nice people at Apple won’t find anything wrong with it and I can make it available for purchase in the macOS App Store in the near future.

I’m still waiting my payment details to be approved, but hopefully that will all go through before I get the chance to put it live.