v1.1.0 released to App Store

Games Night

A new version of Games Night is now available in the Mac App Store. This version contains the following:

  • Bug Fixes: There was a layout issue with the Add/Remove buttons under the Teams table on the Quiz Admin screen. This has been resolved
  • Improvements: The Question Detail view on the Quiz Management screen has been improved to present the information better
  • Quiz: There is now the ability to toggle an image that is part of a question to be full screen to make it more visible to the players.
  • Quiz: A new question style – Missing Words. See below

Missing Words

The Missing Words question style allow you to present a question to the players that has one (or more) missing words that they need to fill in.

When entering a question into the question field, wrap one (or more) words in square brackets. When the question is presented to the players the word(s) in brackets will be replaced by underscores.


Of Mice and [Men] When this entered into the question field then the following will be presented to the players Of Mice and ___.

When you are revealing the answer to the question then Of Mice and ___ will be replaced with Of Mice and MEN. A separate answer will not be shown.

The above is true for Standard questions, if you have used this style for Multiple Choice questions then the question text will not change, and the appropriate answer will be highlighted as usual.

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