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Games Night is a collection of games that allows you to run your own Games or Quiz night. Whether you want to run a Bingo or Horse Racing night, or host a Quiz, Games Night has everything you need to make it successful.

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Playing the game

To play Hangman first of you need a word. This can be either entered manually, or you can select from one of the provided words. Once the game is in motion you will be presented with a keyboard on the…

Revealing the word

There are two ways to reveal the word. The first is obviously when the player guess the word correctly. The second is to use the button to the right of the text field.

Drawing the balls

There are two ways off drawing the balls. These are manually, and automatically. When drawing the balls manually, you start the spinning of the cage, and drawing the ball. Then repeat until the game is over. You can also set…

Bingo Calls

Popular in the United Kingdom, Bingo calls add a little extra fun to the game. Games Night provides two sets of calls; the traditional calls, and calls more suited for the modern society. Not a fan of the calls? Not…